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Dr. Jo Ann Pierce
"ASPIRE HIGHER," says Dr. Jo Ann Pierce who describes herself as an educational mountain climber. A finalist for Oklahoma's Teacher of the Year in 1990 and one of three Distinguished Principals in Oklahoma in 2006, she is a faculty consultant for the HOPE Foundation in Bloomington, IN facilitating school improvement using Alan Blankstein's Failure Is Not An Option Six Principles for sustaining professional learning communities. In 2009, she opened ASPIRE HIGHER Educational and Leadership Consulting, LLC contracting as instructional designer for an online course based on Failure Is Not An Option for Corwin Press. In an administrative leadership role or helping districts across the country, Dr. Pierce is committed to interactive, job-embedded learning that motivates students, teachers, and administrators to be their best. As she climbs she shares a focused sense of direction, a dose of reality, and best practices for reaching the summit.

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